Friday, February 3, 2012

Update (Slow Down)

"Sleep? Not without my mom."
The Mindful Parenting Collaboration's next topic is Sleep, and lately my family is not getting much of it. 

Just after Christmas I started a part-time job working evenings. Often only once a week, but I get home at 11:30, Koan won't go to sleep without me, and when I get home he wants to play and hang out with me. Now he's staying up till 1:30am half the time, we sleep half the day trying to catch up, he won't nap half the time, and everything feels a little nutty. 

This is not my Sleep post. I'm working on that one. It's going to be good (I think). 

But I've decided that blog deadlines are not a reasonable priority right now, so I suggested to Alicia (McCrenshaw's Newest Thoughts) that we continue the Mindful Parenting Collaboration at whatever pace we can. She also has a lot going on and agreed. So, it will come.

Today I read this poem at Peaceful Parenting (an amazing resource for gentle parenting information and inspiration), and started to cry, so I thought I'd take its advice: Slow Down Mummy.