Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Link List: Recipes

I have been thinking about food lately, and trying some new things. Here are some recipes I've been looking at.

Artful Recipes
I'm planning on trying this jam soon with the berries I've been picking. But it's worth a read for its beauty, even if you're not interested in making jam. I love recipes that add instructions for what to do while making the food. Like it's a magic spell! 

I'm not likely to ever make this. It's not my kind of thing (though I'd certainly like to eat it). But it's another beautifully written recipe that gave me so much pleasure. My favourite instruction: 
"You must create a tiny nest of deliciousness for the yolk to nestle into."

I'm on day one of this recipe for making sourdough starter from scratch, using rye flour and orange juice!

Lots of great info on making sourdough starter, and baking the bread. I've wanted to make sourdough bread for years, and I'm finally going to give it a try.

I've been hearing alot about Kombucha for the past year, but had no idea what it was until I finally googled it a couple weeks ago. Fizzy tea with active cultures? Sounds like the kind of thing I love!

I haven't tried this yet. I'll have to find someone to share some culture with me. Friends, let me know if you've got some!

Granola Bars
I'm disturbed by how significant a staple granola bars are in my husband's diet, and how much money we are spending on store-bought sugary things. So I'm going to start making them. Here are the recipes I plan to try and/or combine, sorted by what ingredients they use as binding agents.

I don't care for cooking with canola oil. I wonder how coconut oil would work?

I think I'll try these ones first.

Have any recipes or tips to add to these lists? Please share!