Thursday, June 9, 2011

Listen To Your Heart: A Daily Practice

Photo by qthomasbower

I have been working on developing a daily practice. Something to get me focused, to check in with myself, to notice how I'm feeling, and to make my plans accordingly. To keep me from getting lost in chaos and crying about it instead of responding appropriately.

I recently participated in a month-long "Innate Intensive," which involved a daily practice of exercise, journalling, and meditation, for 20 minutes each. While I found those practices extremely valuable, I'm just not at a place in my life where I can commit to doing all those things every day (I did so-so at it for the month). I know an hour a day is not much, but it's often more than I can manage. I'm working to change that, I'm just not there yet.

For awhile I tried following the FlyLady program for getting your life in order. She recommends getting up an hour before your family to get yourself dressed and ready for the day. I love this idea! But. No matter when I get up, Koan usually wakes up within half an hour and wants to nurse. Sometimes I get half an hour. Sometimes an hour. Sometimes 45 seconds. 

Photo by Oscar E.
So I've decided to listen to my heart.

It's something I can do in a few minutes, if that's all I can manage. I can do it much more thoroughly in a meditation or journalling session, so I'll work those in whenever I can. 

In my heart I know how I should be spending my time. In my heart I know what's most important. In my heart I know what my family needs. In my heart I know that most of the time, there's nothing to get upset about. In my heart I know exactly who I am and where I'm going. 

Over the next few weeks I'll be exploring the significance of heart wisdom, ways to get it flowing freely, and sharing what my heart has to say. 

Do you have a daily practice? How often do you listen to your heart?