Saturday, May 7, 2011

Where Is My Village?

Photo by Ramon Cahenzli
I once said I would never put my child into daycare. I don't want someone else raising my child! 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. You know that thing they say about it taking a village to raise a child? Well I've spent a year saying "Where is this village?!" (Tip to anyone considering procreating: Find your village first!)

Now that my husband is back to work full time (I am so grateful to the last six months of part-time and parental benefits!), and a village still hasn't materialized around us, I feel I have three options:
A) Compromise my parenting. 
B) Hire a village (ie. daycare).
C) Go insane. 

I choose C. . . wait, no, I mean B!

All the aspects of myself that have been lying dormant as I struggle to meet my bursting-with-life son's abundance of needs are calling to be let out and set free! They want me to smile more! I'm bursting with life too! I want to make music again! I want to make blog posts every week! I want to do freelance writing and editing! I want to sew! I want to make things! I want to bake bread!

See? bursting!

Coming soon: More posts, when I find a daycare!


  1. Good luck with daycare. It's a terribly stressful time...but you will make it though. K loves 'school' now that we're all adjusted!

  2. Well said Erin! I am feeling very similar feelings as well. Saylor is approaching his first birthday as well. I am choosing to not return to work but am also missing myself pre baby. Its so difficult finding time for myself. Good luck in your search for day care.

  3. I swap days with another Mom. I take her 2 year old daughter for two days and she takes Alex for two days. I absolutely love it, plus there's no cost for day care and I like that Alex gets a play date plus that one on one attention that could be strained at a day care. In June, I'm moving down to 3 days a week, so I'll also have Alex to myself for one day, which is what I want. For me, the adjustment was tough, but it got better because I knew he was with a parent who shared similar parenting styles as me. Good luck with everything!