Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fundraiser for a Local Family

One of the reasons I started this blog was to help out other moms. Well one of my mom group friends needs some help!

Jessica's son Lynden was born 8 weeks premature with many health conditions, like asthma, severe food allergies, premature lungs, and serious bowel problems. He is now 15 months old and recovering well from the first of several surgeries to resolve his bowel issues. 

But Lynden's health issues have been a major financial burden for the family, in addition to the stress of ongoing medical testing and a supersensitive baby. While the surgeries are covered by medical, the cost of medications, special foods and travelling for treatment have been a challenge. In addition, with all the appointments and family needs, Jessica's husband Jesse was unable to maintain his job and has spent months out of work, helping her care for Lynden and their daughter Gabriella.

Through it all the Bremners consider themselves blessed with a beautiful and loving family, and I know Jessica to be a great source of optimism and support to her friends.

To help the Bremners out, Solisa Tanning Lounge is sponsoring a fundraiser. On Saturday, May 21st they will hold a Beer & Burger Night at the Old City Pub in Nanaimo (6-9pm). Tickets are $20 each, and will get you a beer, burger, and entry into a raffle draw for a huge list of amazing prizes donated by local organizations. There will also be a 50/50 draw at the event. 

Awesome, right? But, for the event to go ahead, the Bremners need to sell at least 120 tickets by this Friday. So far they've sold just over 50. That's about 65 tickets in the next few days, or they get nothing! 

So if you're in Nanaimo, join me and get your ticket for a great night out! Tickets are available at Solisa Tanning (5107 Somerset Drive, 250-585-2253), or from the Bremners (250-753-0753). 

If you live elsewhere, or can't make the fundraiser, and want to support the Bremners, you can buy a raffle ticket or make a donation by clicking the donate button below. All donations made here before May 21st will be passed on to the Bremners.

Update (Friday, May 13th):
As of this evening, the Bremners have sold just enough tickets to keep the fundraiser happening! Thanks to everyone who bought tickets or donated, and to Darrell Bellaart, who saw this post and did a write-up in the Nanaimo Daily News!

Tickets are still available for the Beer & Burger Night, and the fundraiser's $5000 goal is still a ways off, so please keep the support coming!

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