Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kitchen Clear-Out

It wasn't easy, but several things worked in my favour to enable me to accomplish this week's Project: Simplify task. We got a bike trailer, and Mr. OK has been taking Koan on long bike rides every day (I join too when I'm not cleaning or sick). The weather has been beautiful, which boosted my mood after a couple of very sick days earlier in the week. Koan has been in a very sweet mood, feeling better, being very loveable, and sleeping well. 

And so, I cleaned out my pantry and fridge! Here are the results:
Fridge: BEFORE

Fridge: AFTER

Cupboard A: BEFORE

Cupboard A: AFTER

Cupboard B: BEFORE

Cupboard B: AFTER

Moved my teas to a more accessible cupboard!
Lots of mystery containers cleared out, and dry goods sorted into jars. Hurray! 

I was further motivated by this week's prize: it's a whole bunch of e-books on kitcheny topics like real food cooking, nutrition and healthy treats. I've been researching whole foods and seasonal cooking, and am working on a plan to improve my family's eating habits, so it would be a nice thing to win. Either way, organizing the cupboards made me conscious of what's in there. Maybe I should be filling our cupboards with more grains and nuts, and less cereal boxes. It would mean more time in the kitchen, but I'm feeling a little more like it's a place I want to be. 

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  1. That looks so good. Any chance I can get you to come to my place and clean out my kitchen? :)

  2. Sure, when I'm done the rest of my house. . . Should be any decade now.